Drawing chronicles

The following drawings despite the surreal imagery are based on real facts of my life, inspired by stories that I read, or things that I used to think about.
A story of Jorge Luis Borges inspired this one, if I'm not wrong the story is about an Indian myth that the earth rests over a turtle back.
I am the figure from the left and right figure was a platonic love
The figure of the left was a friend of mine and the spider was a girl acting in one of his movies

 Waiting a bus in Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona
An accident that I saw in the Minhocão, São Paulo
This one and the lowing are just thematic, above Music
Animal Experiment

Imaginary Scenes

These drawings were made in two ways, some I had an idea of the scene before the start and others I decided what to do after I had something that suggested the whole scene. The ideas that come before the start come from anywhere, but most of them from books, like the forth drawing that was inspired by a book of Sade, or some exhibition, like the third one that I did after going to an exhition of ottoman art from Timur, it also can be just a theme that I have in mind, like the sixth that was overload information.

Imaginary Sculptures

The creation process for these drawings is always the same. I started working with the detail and then I began developing the rest. Sometimes I used a magnifying glass. There's always some anxiety involved after spending some hours drawing. I sometimes worry that the next line might ruin the whole, which makes no sense because there is no whole (or finished piece) in an ongoing process.


Some drawings I just keep going and going...